Love is a purposeful, shared exchange. The Bottega 53 Studio exchange is based on something else, something profound in what as wedding photographers we receive from people in love, their families, their friends - their entire worlds.

From the moment we first see you, to the time you walk on and off that gilded aisle, our hearts beat fast as we watch a fascinating couple approach, and what makes our days is what our couples give us, the faith and pride in their personas. The faces you face the world with is our living art. The subject of our cameras' click click click brings just as deep a pleasure as when we notice what we have never seen before.

We breathe and live for your beauty together. A wedding whose contours converse in a secret dialogue, applied, embraced and buffed with skill. Capturing a heel, chasing after a hemline is our chance to show love, we live to discover what you have made -never fatigued or undone by our search for the most elusive of sartorial qualities: timeless style.

To document your lively, compelling and invaluable history, tells us much about the mores of your ages together as it does speak about your roots and heritage: layers of bonds that gleam with a rich depth of natural photography that makes your shared emotions so sublime.

Creating wedding images steeped in light are our way of preserving the spirit of today, for your ability to have faith in the best times, that which is the backbone of all days.

In the flurry of the big moments your exuberant taste deserves less fuss and falderal. Just like the diamond on your finger, our imagery is cut to have your love shine. We simply delight in the possibility of you. That is why we've turned our love of beauty into an exquisite life, that of your wedding photographers.




Nancy and Piermarco established their boutique Bottega 53 brand in 2014, soon moving to their current Bottega 53 Studio in Lugano Lake in 2018. Siding with the finest coterie of wedding artists and wedding photographers the Bottega 53 Studio today is able to offer more refined and extensive coverage services to their clients, upping the ante on what an exclusive wedding photography experience is all about.

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Piermarco Rinaldi


If I could capture Piermarco in a cinematic sequence, that would be a Triunph Scrambler motorbike on the Route 66 with the horizon in the distance and the asphalt boiling hot underneath his wheels. A constant mover, a California dreamer (and surfer) his congenical nature and contageous smile instantly puts you at ease. We built our wedding photography brand in London four years ago and since then we have worked together continuously, developing aside from our friendship and romance, a delightful professional intimacy. Piermarco's inner eye for everything elegant is something he was born with, and he has honed his skills over decades to breathtaking perfection.

Quiet and considerate, but clear about what he wants, he is a disciplined romantic with a unique ability to capture the essence of our couples. I'm happy to say - and working next to him bears me out- that he does not tell the story of a bride and groom, but the story around them, describing the time, the place, and the couple with a flair that a simple camera medium itself, no matter how striking, could never match. Bridging the gap between great style and spontaneous moments, his methodical way of moving into a wedding, his unstoppable flow of story telling imagery is proof that true style never goes away, it just keeps coming back in all we do, like a familiar melody.

Nancy S.



Nancy Stuppiello


Nancy has always led a life dedicated to “Beauty”. Conveying something of flavour in every single image that she captures, her l' air du temps aesthetics meet her love for the classical dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet, something that is conveyed in her style and her delicate photography. Her wedding images carry that easy editorial style one seeks on the cover of a magazine. Her work with our brides is precise, organized to the last seam (like her closet) up close, personal, and upwardly ebullient, something she picked up not only due to her marketing degree, but also from her managerial position at a major fashion brand in Italy, before our brand was built.

She has a soft spot for attentuated proportion, a sensuous delight in haute couture and a pulsating energy that keeps a wedding on the move, as though it was a never-ending catwalk. Reflecting the optimism, the confidence and the sweet love of our brides and grooms, Nancy's perennial favorites are images filled with the joy of life. I was aware of her special talent to translate fluid movement and exuberant taste before fine art photography became so favored and before capturing weddings in this style became the art form it is today. When we travel to capture weddings she will always find the place with the best Japanese food and like a Woody Allen heroine, whose movies she adores, she is convinced our brides are destined to become iconic.

Piermarco R.

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Every season there is at least one more incredible wedding destination to fuel our couples' dreams and set their wedding celebration plans for some out-of-the-grid adventures! Feel free to explore our current year's travel dates. Even if your wedding plans are for the coming season get in touch with Bottega 53 Studio for an update on our travel date agenda and perhaps we can meet somewhere along the way and make some magic with you and your dear ones!