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To Bottega 53 Studio this process is necessary to plant the seeds that lead to a perfect wedding collection of images. Long before your Big Day we conscientiously work and coact with the wedding designers, planners and creatives to fathom our client's wedding vision. We are bound by a creative drive to touch upon family history, to know all about each wedding venue , and wedding itinerary, to understand the lighting conditions, the architecture and the concept of each affair.

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Separating out and drawing inspiration from film and fashion photography we proceed to present our clients with suggestions on natural, bright and romantic portraiture, always on the look for the extra to their extraordinary, while making recommendations that will capture our client's distinctive style.



Meeting our clients at least one day in advance of their celebrations, it is only natural for us to capture the essence when in actual view of our client's details (our bride's wedding shoes, her wedding dress, the bouquet, the groom's tuxedo, the wedding venue all set in motion) and to arrive with creative compositions into one cohesive backdrop to our client's story.

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All things considered, siding rigorous photographic verve with the palpable energy of our clients' entire celebration Bottega 53 will perfectly cover the all-pervading romance, the portraiture of those dear, the movement and the nuances running through each celebration, with a keen eye for those endearing moments our clients wish to treasure for life and pass on to future generations, not only as a collection, but as a true memoir of the place, the time, the fashion, the big exuberant smiles and all what brings tides of emotions.