Elena & Giuseppe

Roman Luxury Engagement


You've probably heard it so many times before that when in Rome... the ancient old adage is hardly wrong. Right outside the Grande Capitale as we proud Italians call Rome, Giuseppe and Elena's "I do's" began with their roman luxury engagement at Ladispoli. You only need a seaside resort as pretty as Posta Vecchia to have you dream for days. After all, it is no secret that since Roman imperators discovered the pleasures of this special location by the Thyrennian Sea, it has been favoured by the cognoscenti, among who J Paul Getty himself. That and our dreamy couple's love for one another should suffice to make us two happy souls capturing their engagement, but there was significantly more. We mean all-day festivities, a dashing pool party, loud laughs, cold beers, slinky cocktails, amazing music and serious statement style for days under the hot sun and the stars. And if you don't believe us come right this way to watch the fireworks!

VENUE: La Posta Vecchia • ELENA’S DRESS: Alberta Ferretti •GIUSEPPE’S DRESS: Giorgio Armani