Elizabeth & Russell

Destination Wedding in Ibiza
that balances Nature & Luxury

Immerse in the Balearic archipelago, the isle of Ibiza has always held an aura of mystical appeal for us.
As we dreamt of shooting in this perfect location surrounded with the Mediterranean Sea, we wanted to create a captivating getaway with a modern couple, who wished for an irresistible destination for their most special celebration.

Elizabeth is a born and raised Ibiza gal. She grew up with her family at the Old Town quartier where she lived until she went to discover the world on her own. It was during one of her experiences abroad that she met Russell, and when they decided to commit to each other, they chose the Mediterranean island to say “yes” to their future together.

Elizabeth’s preparations were at her house in the heart of the Old Town. It was beautiful to see her relax and read the newspaper while hearing the stories of how she used to play and have fun with her friends on the same hidden stairs she decided to pose on wearing her lingerie. One of her oldest dreams was to wear her mother's wedding dress. She walked with the dress to the typical Ibiza marked in the Old Town where she bought the same fruits she used to, and then headed to one of the most famous bakeries in Ibiza, the "Croissant Show”, from where she came out with perfectly fresh baked bread baguettes.

With the sun still up, we headed up to the luxurious Hacienda La Xamena, a natural enclave that seems come out from the perfect summer dream. We stepped through the frame into an idyllic landscape to pay homage to Dalt Vila (the Upper Town) which is as charming as it its mysterious, with our stunning bride strolling its entangled streets and whitewashed walls. Before the evening preparations, Elizabeth took advantage of the stunning pool of the location and relaxed while enjoying the breathtaking view of her beloved island.

After and intimate and wistful day, Russell and Elizabeth exchanged their love promises embraced with the fascinating Ibiza setting and enjoyed a gourmet dinner at sunset, with the world literally at their feet.

Since the moment we started thinking of this project we knew we wanted to transmit a perfect balance between nature and luxury. In order to achieve this, we went on a treasure hunt for some special objects that would anchor powerful meanings. Such is the case of the compass that was photographed with the stationary. One of Ibiza’s main points of interest is the location of Es Vedrà, believed to be the third most magnetic spot on earth. Locals have a strong sense of energy and mystic, so we wanted this to be reflected throughout the day. Another anchor element was the napkin holder, which integrated the two main concepts of design with the dark stone and golden circle. Other details, such us the feather golden spoon and the modern chairs in rustic material, also helped creating a mystic atmosphere.

All the stationery was printed in organic cotton with a delicate shade of blue tones representing a modern and deeper meaning of the sea. The fabric was also used by Russell to write his wedding vows. If you think about it, he wrote his most sincere love words in one of the purest and most delicate elements nature has given us, how romantic is this?

For the flower selection, we used local greenery and pampas grass with a touch of sophistication given by the orchids. We matched this selection with golden and raw candlesticks with light grey candles and a natural silk runner.


PHOTOGRAPHERS: Bottega 53 PLANNING & DESIGN: Eventoile VENUE: Hacienda Na Xamena WEDDING DRESSES: Atelier Eme Como Marianna Lanzilli PAPER GOODS & CALLIGRAPHY: Letterink ACCESSORIES & LINGERIE: Burdelier FLOWERS: Flowers Ibiza HAIR, MAKE UP & BEAUTY Diva Borelli Vincenzo Della Volpe
JEWELRY: Oliver Ibiza