Tenerife Wedding Photographers

Tenerife Wedding Photographers

We love working with many international couples, post wedding photography is always fun.  When it comes to taking pictures in an enchanted and magical place as El  Teide National Park…the games get more interesting.
Monika and Damian, a very cute couple, after an intimate wedding in Tenerife, decided to have their post wedding photography session in El Teide National Park.
We were lucky enough to work with them in Tenerife, to capture their post wedding photographs and discovering the most special locations by them.
El Teide is on of our favorite places. It’s one of the great wonders of the world. It’ s such an amazing place for a post wedding photography session at sunset time.

We deeply love El Teide National Park, the biggest park on the Canary Islands. It is a unique geological treasure where volcanoes, craters, vents, lava flows and different materials, form an impressive array of shapes and colors. We think it’s impossible to describe in words the magical beauty of what the eyes can see. It’s something surreal!
Monika and Damian were intimate and happy that shooting them was easy and fun.

Thank you Guys! We love you!

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