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 Idyll Santorini Destination Wedding in Greece

Ashley and Kosta's destination wedding in Santorini certainly redefined idyll both for us and for their Sydney arriving guests. Perched atop the sun-dappled caldera like a giant white cubist curio, we find a hinterland which preserves its own particular culture and heart, locals who know the curves of the sea and land like the lines of their own palms, 1000 steps along donkey paths and yet a haven intoxicating in finesse.

As our beautiful couple's wedding rituals at the iconic Fira begin we are surrounded by a swathe of light, the radiant silhouette of our fashionable bride and her best friends getting prepped. Not far from Ashley's Day Dream Luxury Suite, the boys are having a pool party enjoying a few languid moments before Kosta buttons his cufflinks and Ashley changes into her dashing train gown.

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