Many couples around the world have asked us what is our truly passion in life. Fortunately, we are among the lucky ones who have transformed our wishes into reality.
The profession of Faroe Islands wedding photographer is one of the most unique and truly rewarding experiences. Having the chance to meet many beautiful couples from every corner of the world who come to Faroe Islands to make their dreams come true, is one of the best things that has happened to us.

Our goal as Faroe Islands wedding photographer is to make sure that your engagement, wedding proposal, elopement and wedding day flow in the most authentic and romantic day possible. We will capture every emotion, tear and smile to create an eternal story of your love that you will keep with you forever.
The mysterious puzzle of Faroe Islands located in the North Atlantic is one of the most authentic experiences you will ever have in your entire lives.

Our Faroe Islands wedding photographer services will be there for you to capture every feeling and smile on your special wedding day.
A mix of Viking heritageScandinavian culture and sublime nature are waiting for you and your special celebration. Each island has something unique to offer for you and your special day.

You can decide to hike around to admire each island’s dramatic cliffs or just explore the truly unique music scene of Faroe Islands. Thanks to our experience as Faroe Islands wedding photographers, we will take care of you on your special day in the best way possible. Just be yourself on Faroe Islands and we’ll create a beautiful story for you.

We will be happy to share more information about Faroe Islands and our Faroe Islands wedding photography services and to hear more from you about your wishes for the special day.

Let’s start this incredible adventure together!



an Italian couple of wedding and portrait photographers with passion for traveling wherever you story is waiting to be told. Until four years ago we were spending most of our time at our corporate jobs in fashion industry. Then came a moment when we asked ourselves if that was what we really wanted to do for the rest of our lives. So we decided to combine our passion for photography, weddings, travel and human connections, and here we are today.

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We’d love to hear from you about your wedding plans, what you’re celebrating, and how we might be able to create something awesome together. We love working with couples to make sure that your wedding photography is one aspect of the day where you don’t need to worry. We look forward to getting to know you and hearing more about your upcoming wedding!



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