What is the booking process?


We work on a first come, first serve basis.  We take a limited amount of weddings a year, and weddings are booked only with a retainer and signed contract. Sadly we cannot hold dates for you without booking deposit and signing the contract.

Once you know the wedding package chosen , please send us an email to confirm with all the wedding details. We’ll send over an online Quote and Contract that can be e-signed.
To book us officially we ask  40% as Deposit,  the remaining balance is due 3 weeks before your wedding.


Do you travel?


Yes, We do!…We love traveling! Actually, we are most inspired when we photograph in new locations. Wherever you decide to tie the know, we’re ready and willing to be there with you.

To avoid risking travel delays ect, we will arrive the morning prior to the wedding day and depart the morning after. This also allows us to scout your venue prior to the wedding day.


How do we get our pictures ?


We basically deliver your wedding pictures in 3/4 months. For first we will upload all the pictures on a private password gallery on our Cloud Storage and basically after 1 month we will deliver you a customized “Made in Italy” Box  that includes 100 Fine Art Printed Pictures & USB Pen Drive.


What’s a wedding like with you?


We are not the photographers you hire if you just want someone to take photos from afar. We love to have fun. We love to get out on the dance floor and dance around with you and your friends/family. We will remind you to breathe and enjoy when everything else is rushing by.
We encourage you guys to whisper sweet nothings and kiss “just because.”

We do our absolute best for every client. Don’t expect your wedding dress to be absolutely perfect after the day (that’s what cleaning and preserving it is for), we may hike, explore, because we want to make sure that you get the very very best on your wedding day and that we do the day justice since you put so much time and love into planning every little detail. Definitely don’t expect for us to have you smile at the camera more than a few times or say “cheese.”


Do you shoot film or digital?


Basically we shoot Digital, but if you choose the package One or Two we will shoot also with an HASSEMBLAD 500 C.


Do you give the Raws?


If we gave the raws that would only be half the work handed over and our edits are what makes our brand unique so for this reason we don’t give the raw files. Our culling process is simple; we take away all the test shots, duplicates, blinking eyes, anything out of focus then fully edit and hand over everything thats left.


What about photoshopping?


We don’t change how you look or make your bodies look any different to how they are. We do however clear up skin and remove obvious distractions.


Do you carry insurance?


Yes we do. If your venue needs a certificate of additional insured, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can provide that to them.